Enhancing Your Software With a Simple Integration.

 For practice management, EMRs, and data collection platforms, our APIs enable new revenue streams, new features, and new experiences for therapy provider customers and their parents. Our APIs are simple to use and powerful to your software. Out-of-the-box SDKs and APIs make your platform more robust without the maintenance and drama. 

Expand Your Offering, Strengthen Your Brand. 

A next-level parent experience unlocked with a few lines of code
Enable Stored and Live Video on Your Platform

Embed white-label TheraWe plug-ins inside of your provider platform to enable therapy providers to capture video training notes with sessions and live video chat with parents. 

Free Storage

TheraWe will store all video and chat related data for free and then provide it at anytime to your platform

Linked Mobile App
for Parents

Provide your therapy software clients with a mobile app rich with engagement features and linked to your scheduling and billing features. 

Deep Reporting

TheraWe provides APIs to connect directly to your billing system so you can automate additional processing for asynchronous and synchronous billable time.

Why Practice Management and Data Collection Platforms Love the Connection

Increase the value of your platform to your customers under your brand

  1. Unlock an elevated parent experience to your provider customers with a few lines of code. 

  2. Allow users to move between functionality with the same login (single-sign-on).

  3. Create new revenue for provider customers (and yourself) with remote billing.  

Scale your software with

less costs and drama

  • Video storage, file storage, and server costs covered by TheraWe
  • Enhancements and upgrades covered by TheraWe engineering team

Launch next-generation features faster with prepackaged modules

  1. Therapy provider dictation feature
  2. HIPAA-compliant video chat feature 
  3. Document storage feature
Built for Makers and Developers. 

TheraWe.API was made for creators like you. We built our APIs to be simple to use and powerful to your clients. Out-of-the-box SDKs and APIs make your platform more robust without the maintenance and drama. 

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