Aiding community in response to COVID-19 

Dear Therapy Providers, 

TheraWe is a platform built by therapy providers, for therapy providers. With the COVID-19 outbreak, therapy providers are having difficulty providing the traditional service delivery model due to social distancing.


We want to help! To support our provider community, TheraWe’s asynchronous teletherapy solution will be FREE to any provider to use for assisting parents remotely and also recuperating billable time lost from in-person sessions. In addition, our software team is fast-tracking our synchronous teletherapy solution to be ready as fast as possible also FREE, to help our providers, their patients, and their parents.


Please signup today for setup.  


For up to date information on insurance carriers changing their telehealth policies to assist, see this Facebook group.


For up-to-date information on the state of emergency, see the CDC website.


We are very sad about the current situation, but we will weather this together. With love,


CEO, Pediatric OT 

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