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Use this checklist to report your weekly progress on your TheraWe rollout.  

We are here to support you and assist in successfully training your team, shepherding them to their mastery goal, and growing to more families each month. 



The Champion

The owner of the clinic or director of the organization is the advocate, but this is the champion that we will work with on scheduling, reviewing weekly usage, and getting feedback on product improvements.  


Team Training Scheduling

During a team meeting or scheduled time, we will do a virtual or in-person team training to practice using the platform and answer questions. 

Step: 03

BULK Therapy provider SEtup

Before the training, we will setup your therapy provider team. Please download this template and then upload to do a bulk upload of account setups. 

Step: 04

BULK parent SEtup

After the training, we will setup your first round of parents and kiddos. Please download this template and then upload to do a bulk upload of account setups. For giving parents an update on the rollout, here is an email template. 


Go Live and Measure

usage goals

Work with each therapy provider to complete their setup and create 3 sessions for parents. In addition, ensure parents can use the platform and are interacting. Together, we will hit that goal.


Reporting will be sent biweekly to the Champion and collaborative sessions will be had to help team members that

need a nudge to get to mastery.  


Add MORE PaREnts and Grow

As each new parent joins the clinic, add new parents and create new level of engagement within your practice. We will be here to support you along the way! After an introductory period, we will provide reporting to strategize a good parent to therapy provider ratio. 

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