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Free and Paid Trainings/CEUs for Starting in ABA Pediatric Therapy Telehealth

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Getting up to speed with doing asynchronous and synchronous telehealth takes a different mentality. Since the COVID-crisis began, these are free and paid trainings being made available to assist providers.


Speaker: Tina Patterson

Source: The Daily Behavior Analyst

Cost: Free

Speaker: Becki Cohill, OTR and Christine Robenalt, P.T.

Source: Sweet Pea Pediatrics

Cost: Free

Speaker: Megan Miller, Phd

Source: LIfeTribe

Cost: Free

Free During COVID:

Source: Central Reach

Cost: Free During COVID


Provider: Behavior Health Center of Excellence

Speaker: Harry Nelson, JD

Cost: with Membership

Speaker: Maegan Pisman, BCBA

Provider: Imbueity Training

Cost: $25

Speaker: Stephanie Peterson

Provider: Foxy Learning

Cost: $16

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