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Funding Procedures

Help your family succeed in getting insurance coverage for TheraWe Connect, or a grant, by following these simple guidelines. 


Contact your insurance company or state Medicaid Program office to find out exactly what documentation they require.


Submit prescription and quote to either your case/social worker or directly to your insurance company to make sure they will cover TheraWe Connect and associated service fee.


Request a diagnostic letter from your Physician 
Request a recommendation letter to support the need for parent training assistive technology (see templates).


Use TheraWe Connect to help drive better communication for the treatment of your child. 



*Disclaimer: The tips and provided information are from our users and we cannot 100% guarantee approval from any specific program. Each person has individual eligibility requirements and even if approved, the process can sometimes take 3-6 months. 

*Please remember we are unable to bill Medicaid or your private insurance directly and therefore you are responsible for payment and submission of the paperwork required for reimbursement.

Medicaid Waiver Coverage Procedures

STEP 1, First-time applicant:  Locate your state of residence via and contact the local office to get details about the application process. 

  • County/State Programs: Contact your county Department of Health & Human Services, Mental Health or local regional center to find out what types of programs for which you may be eligible.

  • W-9 download - required by some agencies

STEP 2,  Once you are approved:  for Medicaid or a Medicaid Waiver, please have your caseworker/service coordinator that TheraWe Connect can become an approved vendor for their local office. We will fill out the required paperwork and return it as soon as possible. for their local office. We will fill out the required paperwork and return it as soon as possible

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