Pediatric ABA therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, early intervention, and SLP therapy organizations now have the ability to maximize parent engagement, protect their personal communication, recover lost revenues, and improve patient outcomes.


TheraWe is a platform that creates more joy in therapy and also is either free or a revenue generator.  


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Integrate with your current software

The TheraWe solution integrates directly into your practice management system, EMR, billing solution. We provide all of the tools for free to your current software provider. 

 Protect personal communication devices

Save your team’s personal cell phones and emails by providing a HIPAA compliant platform for communications that you can

control after employees leave

increasing revenue for extended intervention

Support outside of in-person sessions while increasing billable revenue for this extended intervention with an auditable record of parent coaching

and asynchronous support 

HOw it works


Personal Videos

Save time creating personalized coaching videos and recap notes during the session - retire the archaic paper home note 


Caregiver Updates

Automatically update all caregivers with notes and coaching saved to their digital profile 


Between Sessions

Collaborate with caregivers as they post videos/comments back of them implementing home therapy 

Analyze and Bill for Extended Intervention

Receive data on parent engagement scores and reporting for

insurance billing 


How TheraWe Compares

Current Process

Home programming

Paper Note with Stock Video

General Daily Note

Paper Note or Unsecure Email


Remote Support

Unsecure Email and SMS Text

Missed Visit / Lost Revenue


TheraWe Process

Home programming

Interactive Posts with Personal Videos of Child

General Daily Note

Interactive Post with Ability for Parents to Comment


Remote Support

Secure Group and 1:1 Messaging

Live Video Telehealth

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