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For parents navigating pediatric therapy with their therapy providers (ABA, OT, PT, SLP), there are so many opportunities for more interactivity, increased support, and fixed gaps in communication breakdowns.


TheraWe is a mobile, HIPAA-compliant, video platform that bridges the learning gap for parents between the home and the therapy center. Interactive videos, gamification, and remote communication change the game for parents and their providers. 

How it works


Personal Videos

Save time creating personalized coaching videos and recap notes during the session - retire the archaic paper home notes


Caregiver Updates

Automatically update all caregivers with notes and coaching saved to their digital profile 


Between Sessions

Collaborate with caregivers as they post videos/comments back of them implementing home therapy 

Analyze Engagement and Extended Intervention

Receive data on parent engagement scores and reporting for

insurance billin


The organizations partnering to use and improve the parent and therapy provider experience. 

Add your therapy organization next! 

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Built by Therapy Providers. Used by Therapy Providers.



Improve patient outcomes and make the day to day lives better for therapy practitioners and caregivers.

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