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😍 HIPAA-Compliant Parent Messaging and Goals

🎉 Parent Updates on all Channels (Email, SMS, Chat) 

🚀  Embedded HIPAA-Secure Telehealth Calling

💪🏾 Built for Multi-Discipline Teams (OT, PT, ABA, SLP)

💸 Increased Billing for Remote Support

Alisha D.,


“The power of video is incredible. It’s truly a game-changer for feeding/SLP therapy. I really love the potential this platform has to make parents more empowered and feel part of the team."

Libby D.,

Owner & BCBA

I want parents to feel empowered. I want them to understand what we do so that they can do it in the home when we are not there. I also want them to be able to notate things when we are not present. TheraWe helps parents to feel part of the team too.

Jenny C.,  

Pediatric PT

“It’s easy for parents to forget information a therapist tells them shortly after they see their child. TheraWe increases engagement and compliance with  ALL members of child’s care team.”

Cody C.,

Pediatric OT

The quick, personal videos certainly save time in explaining and demonstrating strategies to families, especially for children who are primarily served at childcare or with grandparents/other non-primary caregivers.”

Why Pediatric Providers (ABA, OT, PT, SLP) ♥️ TheraWe:  

Remote Parent Coaching

Group and

1:1 Chat


Parent Videos

Live Video Telehealth

Why Now? Why TheraWe? 

Today's therapy providers and parents run their lives from their phone, view content via YouTube/ Instagram, and communicate via text and chat. So why is communication and training practices between a parent and pediatric therapy provider so antiquated? 

TheraWe allows parents of children with intellectual and developmental delays and disabilities and their therapy to engage using modern tools from their day-to-day lives, as well as track and monitor progress remotely while increasing revenues for therapy providers. TheraWe is pediatric therapy at its' best with in-person, remote support, live video. 


How TheraWe works


Personal Videos

Save time creating personalized coaching videos and recap notes during the session - retire the archaic paper home notes


Between Sessions

Collaborate with caregivers as they post videos/comments back of them implementing home therapy 


Caregiver Updates

Automatically update all caregivers with notes and coaching saved to their digital profile 

Analyze Engagement and Extended Intervention

Receive data on parent engagement scores and reporting for

insurance billin

Over +50 Providers and Growing!

The organizations partnering to use and improve the parent and therapy provider experience. 

Who are we? 

Our team is a passionate group of therapy providers, software engineerings, healthcare professionals, and designers that are passionate about the TheraWe mission of improving patient outcomes by improving the daily lives of parents of children with disabilities and their therapy providers. 

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