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Updates and homE Programming

Ability for therapy providers to record personal home program video clips, connect their libraries, and provide notes that are instantly sent to all caregivers via mobile app.  




Ability for caregivers to ask questions, record success at home, or capture moments difficult to recreate in therapy (e.g. meltdown at dinner)--provider responses are tracked and provided in robust reporting. 

live video

Ability for caregivers and therapy providers to live video chat for assessment, remote support, or have an alternative to in-person meetings. 

Group and 1:1 Chat

Ability for caregivers and therapy providers to direct message about logistics on a compliant platform. Clinic leaders save therapy providers cell phones/email inboxes and reduce HIPAA-violation risk.  


Goal Tracking

Ability for caregivers to track and update therapy goals--with the option for therapy providers to collaborate or integrate with the practice  management system.

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